10 Best Wooden Watches for Men in 2019 (Stylish)

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A watch – in the simplest terms – is an accessory with a purpose.

In particular, wooden watches have a unique look about them, standing out among a sea of metallic and leather watches.

Wooden watches contrast the rest, but they are not all the same.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the best wooden watches on the market.

Zoom In: 3 Best Wooden Watches

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bobo bird wooden watch Bobo Bird L15 Wooden Watch 5/5 View
best wooden watch table image Zeitholz Zittau Wooden Watch 5/5 View
best wooden watch table image ShifenMei S2139 5/5 View

Bobo Bird L15 Wooden Watch

bobo birds wooden watch

Handmade Craftsmanship is one of the highlights of this watch. It’s a gorgeous watch with red sandalwood. Bobo Bird holds themselves to the highest standards. Their craftsmanship is the highest authenticity and quality.

Every watch is handcrafted to be a truly original work of art.

The red hue stands out against other wooden watches that tend to stick with more neutral and passive colour tones. The red is a perfect way to stand out in a crowd.

Visible stitching within the leather strap increases the classic appeal. The dial, crown, and back cap are all gorgeous red Sandalwood and 100% real wood. With all the details combined, it becomes a beautifully classic watch that’s ideal for a fashionable casual wardrobe.

The brown leather band is both soft and comfortable, and adding a buckle allows for easy and simple adjustments. Together it gives comfort even after long periods of wear.

bobobird l15 wooden watch

Weighing just under 30g, this is a reasonably lightweight watch. That weight is great for those that want to wear the watch all day without discomfort. This analog watch uses quartz movement to ensure accuracy and precision.

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Zeitholz Wooden Watch

zitta wooden watch

From the brand Zeitholz’s, the Zittau is a beautiful watch made of dark sandalwood.

With a round face, much darker than the dark brown sandalwood, it certainly has a unique design.

The roman numerals on the watch’s face elevate the elegance.

This is the perfect accessory to be paired with a suit for formality, business, or pleasure.

Zeitholz utilizes high quality Japanese Miyota GL30 clockwork to ensure superior quality within their products. Using Miyota clockwork guarantees a battery that will last for years.

The dial window is made from Mineral crystal which is a composition of several elements to create an unusually hard material that’s durable and scratch resistant.

Features include a calendar, sophisticated design, natural materials and water resistance.

zitta wooden watch center image

The canvas wrist strap ensures comfortability. Additionally, the secure folding clasp is easy to access and adjust. With a net weight of only 42g, this watch is lightweight and perfect for portability.

Made from sandalwood, this watch is a natural product, sustainable and hypoallergenic. Zeitholz is a young German company unlike other watch companies. They ensure superior quality and impressive craftsmanship.

The craftsmanship of this watch is unlike many watches presently on the market, Zeitholz create each timepiece by hand.

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Shifenmei S2139 Wood Watch

best wooden watch

This stunning wooden case and band is made of 100% eco-friendly, natural, hypo-allergenic, and skin-friendly wood.

Stylish and classic, this watch fits in alongside formal wear. With a range of colours, this watch will surely match whatever manner of suit.

Hues include Ebony Wood, Red Sandalwood, and Zebra Wood.

Practical and versatile, this watch contains more than style. This watch is described as a data center with a huge quantity of information right at your wrist.

Data features include EL backlight, alarm clock, stopwatch, hourly hour, dual time.

It displays in both 12-hour and 24-hour format. It’s lightweight, and only weighs 67g/2.36oz.

best wooden watch center image

This make it perfect for long term wear. The Japanese battery and Japanese quartz movement ensures precision and accuracy.

High hardness glass provides durability as it’s anti-scratch and more adamant than typical glass. It’s not as waterproof as other models, it’s best not to get it wet.

The smooth wood strap allows for maximum comfort even while wearing it for the whole day. Additional adjustability within the men’s wooden watch band allows you to easily readjust with the use of the included Link Removing Tool.

For businessmen, outdoorsmen, family men and all those in between, this is perfect for day to day use.

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ZLYC Sandalstone Watch

ZLYC wooden watch

Red and black sandalwood combines to create a gorgeous two-toned design.

The burgundy hue allows the watch to stand out but not so intense as to be flashy. The colourful design allows for versatility within one’s wardrobe.

With a unique octagonal face, this watch has a very vintage feel adding to its elegance.

The simple design heightens the aesthetic of the watch, allowing it to be used for both casual wear and business attire. It’s a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

This exceptional ZLYC watch is powered by Japanese Quartz movement by measuring the vibrations in a piece of quartz alongside the power of a battery.

This watch is resistant to water up to 30 meters to protect it from splashes and perspiration. It can get wet but not submerged for long periods of time.

zlyc wooden watch center image

The watch includes a date calendar at 6 o’clock showing simply the date as to not clutter the watch face.

Made from high quality natural sandalwood, this watch is a gorgeous and natural watch. Due to the sandalwood, there’s a subtle fragrance of sandal wood.

This scent is known to calm the nerves and encourage relaxation. The addition of a relaxing scent provides an added benefit to this already gorgeous watch.

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Uwood Elegant Wooden Watch

Uwood wooden watch

Uwood brings forth the beauty of the environment within their watches.

The natural components within the watches itself present the feeling of connecting with the natural world. In a world of the concrete jungle, Uwood’s wooden watches provide something different, something more natural.

As it is with many wooden watches, there is a slight earthy aroma of wood to further make the connection between the wearer and earth.

This model is a beautiful rustic charm watch with a wooden case, band and even the watch face. Together all the aspects of the watch have differing grains that complement one another.

The entire watch is textured, heightening the natural elegance of the design. The unique design adds to the fashionionable style of this watch. Add it to any outfit ranging from business to formal.

Using imported Japan quartz movement, this watch keeps precise time. Time itself is simple to see even in the dark with luminous pointers to see the time clearly.

uwood wooden watch center image

Weighing less than your typical watch, this Uwood watch is comfortably lightweight. A light watch allows it to be worn easily throughout a long period.

With a pressing buckle, the band is handy to take on and off between wears. This watch is a perfect combination of convenience, comfortability and rustic charm.

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Cucol Bamboo Wooden Watch

Cucol wooden watch

Cucol is a further brand aspiring to bring forward a natural sense to a world that’s full of concrete, steel and synthetics.

Using genuine bamboo, this watch is environmentally friendly.

This brand boasts outstanding high quality and performance. Using analog-quartz, this watch is accurate as the quartz vibrates at a consistent rate without needing winding.

With an authentic cowhide leather strap and a pin buckle, this watch ensures comfortability and adjustability. This lightweight watch only weighs 100 grams meaning that it’s cozy for long term wear. The craftsmanship is superbly high quality with each watch being hand made.

The design of this watch is very simplistic. Within the dial, there is merely hour and minute indexes, and the hands.

Nothing else clutters up the face. Without a logo, sub dials, or dates, it’s a minimalistic design with sophisticated design.

cucol bamboo wooden watch center image

In the back of the watch face is a bamboo surface with gorgeous subtly stripped design with a light background and tan grains.

The light bamboo coloring of the background and the case contrast against the black band, hands and face frame.

With a textured leather for the band, it expresses elegance and class. The pale bamboo contrasts against the deep black which heightens the formality of the watch ensuring that is perfect for both casual and business casual attire.

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Bean and Vanilla Koa Wood Watch

bean and vanilla wooden watch

This gorgeous watch is inspired by the Hawaiian Islands even down to the materials. Koa is a beautiful hardwood native to the Hawaiian Islands.

Lightweight and comfortable. Koa means brave, bold & fearless warrior in Hawaiian.

The symbolism of courage and strength is what Bean and Vanilla brings forth through the watch.

With several shades of Koa wood, it provides visual interest throughout the watch.

Adding to its appeal are the Hawaiian Islands on the background of the dial as well as designs circling the dial.

The band itself is made from gorgeous Koa wood with a deploying clasp with push button. The watch length itself can easily be adjusted with the removal of the band’s links.

Combined within the watch, the clasp and Koa wood make a watch that’s comfortable to wear.

The dial window is made from high quality crystal sapphire, which makes the dial more durable and scratch resistance than other materials such as acrylic or mineral.

Sapphire is the among the most expensive and durable crystal, approximately three times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals.

Thus, it increases the durability of your watch face to extend the watch’s longevity.

Bean and Vanilla only use the finest quality wood for their watches.

The high-quality materials add to high quality craftsmanship to elevate the overall quality of the work.

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Acmede Vintage Wooden Watch

Acmede wooden watch

Acmede provides charming watches including this sandalwood model. Acmede wooden watches are completely unique as each watch has its own distinctive and gorgeous wood grain.

Every watch is specifically hand crafted for high quality. The wood used is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, ideal for those with skin sensitivities.

This dark wooden watch has a gorgeous retro feel. The dark black sandalwood is used for the band, case, and dial, leaving silver for the details.

Within the face of the watch, there are silver, white and wooden detailing on the indexes and hands. These contrasting colours lend to a more formal style.

This vintage style is ideal for a range of formal and business wardrobes.

On the 3 o’clock position, the watch features a date calendar. A butterfly buckle increases the conveniences and ease of taking the watch on and off.

acmede wooden watch center image

The band itself is designed longer than is needed, allowing for adjustability.

Another feature is its water resistance meant to protect the watch against sweat and the occasional splash.

It’s not as suitable as complete waterproof watches and can’t be used within the shower, swimming, or diving. This watch is extremely durable because of the high-quality sandal wood.

In addition, the battery lasts longer than the typical watch battery, up to 36 months.

By the way, if you don’t want to have to worry about changing your watch battery, consider checking out a solar watch.

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Guanke And Bobo Bird Luxury Wooden Sports Watch

guanke-bobo wooden watch

Guanke is a brand that specialises in professional wood watch craftsmanship.

Environmental sustainability is one of the responsibilities they ensure in each of their products. Their models include a range of styles using several kinds of natural woods.

Some of these ancient Asian Sustainable Wood including teak, ebony, maple, and bamboo. This luxury watch is made of beautiful lightweight zebra sandalwood.

The sandalwood watch counteracts the simplistic and hippy aesthetic of other wooden watches with its militaristic style that combines the natural aesthetic of wood with the classic style of black stainless steel.

The pale wood and dark steel in both the band and the case contrast beautifully, and the background of the watch shows a beautifully striped wood; both light and dark. It’s a watch that combines functionality with beauty.

guanke and bobo wooden watch center image

Using analog as well as quartz movement, this gorgeous watch ensures precision without manual winding.

Hardlex mirror material ensures durability and longevity for your watch. The buckle clasp ensures ease of access for taking the watch on and off.

Combined with a larger than average dial diameter, this watch accommodates those with larger wrists or a love for the outdoors. This watch combines style, skill and sustainability.

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Tree Hut Wooden Watch

treehut wooden watch

This is a simply gorgeous watch. The timeless design provides a classy and sophisticated aesthetic.

Through its elegant yet minimalist design, the watch is a versatile piece for any wardrobe. It can be worn in either casual and business settings.

Made from 100% real bamboo, this watch has a polished wood grain finish without the use of paint. Due to the material used, this watch won’t cause skin irritations or rashes as it’s hypoallergenic.

With the olive ashen bamboo on the 1.7-inch dial, it creates a rather dapper design. The pale brown of the dial and leather strap contrast with the black hands, making them stand out.

Both durability and resilient are characteristics of this watch. The watch is crafted with high quality materials for longevity and resistance as well as having a 3ATM water resistance.

treehut wooden watch center image

This is a perfect watch for both casual and active use. As its genuine leather used for the strap, it’s extremely comfortable. The adjustable strap and buckle add to its adjustability and convenience.

Features include Japanese Miyota quartz watch movement to ensure that time keeping is accurate and precise. Japanese Miyota quartz movement is established as the leading manufacturer for quartz movement within watches. They ensure high quality performance.

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Choosing The Best Wooden Watch for You

Wood is one of the oldest materials used for everything from homes, to transportation, to tools, and even accessories.

Items such as phone cases, necklaces, bracelets, glasses and even watches are made of wood. This method creates beautiful craftsmanship with a vintage and rustic appeal.

Wearing a wooden watch on your wrist helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Environmental Benefits of Wooden Watches

It’s not all about standing out in terms of style though. Wooden watches are also great for the environment.

Creating watches this way has an environmental benefit. Most people are aware of trees ability to clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) and then release Oxygen (O2).

wooden watch being worn

They focus on the removal of carbon but don’t consider where it ends up afterwards. After absorbing carbon, trees will store that carbon within its fibers until it begins to decompose.

Trees use carbon to produce sugars and fiber to grow, as well as integrating it into bark, twigs, stems, leaves and surrounding soil.

Wood is an eco-friendly material because of its carbon storage potential. Carbon is one of the leading influences of climate change as it is one of the most prominent greenhouse gases.

These trees absorb the carbon and are manufactured into a watch before it can release that carbon back into the environment by way of decomposition or by forest fire.

Wood as a building material is about 50% carbon by weight, meaning there is a lot of carbon stored within these inanimate objects as opposed to being in the atmosphere.

According to the BC Forestry Climate Change Working Group and the California Forestry Association:

“Wood products store carbon while also substituting for material that require large amounts of fossil fuels to produce... Studies show that it requires substantially less energy to manufacture, transport, construct and maintain than materials such as steel and concrete.”

Wood is a renewable material which, compared to other materials, gives it an environmental edge.

It’s produced from nature, sustained by the sun and is endlessly renewable. Additionally, an increased interest in wooden products will increase a demand for wood and specifically sustainably sourced.

Craftsmanship of Wooden Watches

Watches are one of the many things that can be and are made of wood. Many brands that craft wooden watches focus on the natural side of the craftsmanship.

It gives a specific uniqueness to the watch. It’s about bringing forward a quality product with a connection to the natural world. The idea behind creating watches from wood is that it’s a way to connect to the earth, to nature, to our roots. There’s a kind of serenity of having a natural element so close to your heartbeat.

Types of Wood

There are quite a few types of wood that can be used during the crafting of a wooden watch such as bamboo, teak, koa, ebony, maple, and sandalwood.

wooden watch types

Wood is a durable and beautiful material lending to high-quality watches with gorgeous styles that can’t be replicated. Each of these wood types provide a slightly different style and grain to the design.

Due to the material, most wooden watches will have a faint aroma. That aroma is distinct to the style of wood that’s used for the manufacturing.

Having a faint earthy woody aroma has been known to assist with relaxation. Sandalwood in particular is used as a therapeutic scent in essential oils, diffusors, and colognes.

This is akin to that ‘new car smell’ and will change depending on the wearer and the length of time the watch is worn. It’s an alluring aspect that’s specific to wooden watches.

How do Wooden Watches Work?

Wooden watches work as would any other watch. The wood itself doesn’t affect the inner workings of the clock. Wood is usually used as an exterior material, as decoration.

For the most part, these watches are no different from any other watch out on the market, apart from being partly made from wood. In most cases, wooden watches have normal internal parts.

The band, case, major and minor details are made of wood. What’s within the watch and what makes the clock tick is not wood.

wooden watch example

The aesthetic of wooden jewelry seems to lend itself to either exotic or bohemian, but that’s not always the case. Just as steel watches can be worn formally and casually, wooden watches are versatile as well.

Wooden watches provide a range of aesthetics for formal watches, casual watches and everything in between. As you saw within the list in this article, there are several kinds of watches for any kind of watch wearer.

For the fast-paced man living an active lifestyle, there are sports watches. These models offer additional functionality as well as water resistance to protect against perspiration and splashes.

For the business man that needs to make a good impression every time, there are formal wear watches. These are watches with sophisticated designs to draw the eye.

For the casual wearer that needs durability and comfort for day to day use, there are casual watches. Comfort and simple style are the key priorities, making these casual watches perfect for long term wear.

Versatile designs and the styles of these products allows wooden watches to be a perfect watch for a range of people.

There is such a stylish versatility to these wooden watches. Even within a specific model of wooden watches, there are slight variations due to unique wood grains in the material itself.

Your wood watch will be unlike any other.


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  • Wood and Carbon Footprint: North American wood products reduce the carbon footprint of buildings. Published by the American Wood Council