The Best Solar Powered Watches for Men in 2019 (Stylish)

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Here’s the deal:

You can tell a lot about a man from the watch he wears on his wrist.

Your timepiece needs to be unique, stylish, and fitting to your personality.

Most watches are powered by a battery – unfortunately, batteries need to be replaced from time to time, and they’re bad for the environment too.

Luckily, there is a great alternative to battery powered watches:

Enter the solar powered watch.

Solar powered watches are charged entirely by the sun.

They work well, look great, and they’re actually pretty affordable too.

In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the best solar powered watches on the market.

Zoom In: 3 Best Solar Watches

IMG Watch Rating More
best solar watch Seiko Coutura 5/5 View
fancy solar watch Seiko Prospex 5/5 View
awesome g-shock solar watch Casio G-Shock 5/5 View

Seiko Coutura

best solar watch This is a gorgeous two-toned quartz stainless steel solar atomic watch.

The Coutura collection is a timeless combination of classic and casual design.

This is a gorgeous watch crafted with Japanese quartz, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel for a timeless look.

Solar atomic watches offer the highest environmentally-friendly watch technology while providing nearly endless power. Gone are the days of batteries.

Its dynamic nature sets it apart from other simplistic designs.

Combining both gold and silver accents allows this watch to be paired perfectly with every type of suit.

This two-toned watch is a versatile style piece. Whether you’re required for formal, business, casual or a combination, this model of watch provides you with the adaptability for it all.

The case diameter is 44 millimetres, made of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal dial window for durability and resistance throughout the day to day.

This model is a stainless-steel watch with an analog display and a large multifunction dial.

best solar watch

Within the dial, there are auxiliary dials. These auxiliary dials provide additional information besides the time indicated including a perpetual calendar.

The feature of the perpetual calendar adjusts for odd and even months including February of leap years up to 2100.

It is water resistant for up to 330 feet (100.58 m) meaning it’s perfect for swimming and snorkelling but not for deep water diving.

It’s gorgeous and functional: a perfect combination.

Seiko Prospex

prospex mens solar watch Here is a distinguished men’s world time leather solar powered watch.

Seiko is a Japanese brand dedicated to bringing forward high-quality artistry and craftsmanship in their watches, as well as providing legendary reliability and customer service.

The Prospex line is inspired by the boldness and determination of the traditional Japanese samurai that rise to the challenge without hesitation.

That’s what this watch brings forward; a bold and determined style.

This watch is timeless and thus appropriate for a range of occasions.

A sapphire crystal face ensures durability for your day to day activities.

Beyond basic durability, the sapphire crystal face allows for the face itself to be resistant to scratches and scrapes.

The solar panel provides endless energy with the peace of mind of environmental consciousness.

Warm brown leather with a silver watch face adds to a worldly feel.

Comfort and class go hand in hand within this watch model.

prospex solar watch side view

This watch includes sub dials suited for the global traveller. These subdials provide radio controlled time is available for 25 cities including London, Denmark, Sydney, Rio, New York City, and so much more.

With such a wealth of information, the design remains classic with a logical and clear layout.

This watch is perfect for those that desire a rich sophisticated watch.

Casio G-Shock

casio g-shock mens solar watch

Here is Casio’s Men’s G-Shock analog display quartz black solar atomic watch.

Durability and function: that’s what this Casio watch provides.

It features a smartphone link function, blue tooth capability, battery level indicator, full auto calendar, dual dial world time and provides chronograph performance in analog format.

The dial within the watch are designed for masculine grace and performance.

The black dial contrasts with a silver casing. At the 9 0’clock position the dial contains a multi-functional rotating disk cut inspired by a jet engine.

The thick blades within the disk, mimic the blades within a jet engine.

This rotating disk changing colours to indicate battery level and alarm setting, as well as keeping in rotating time with the timekeeping and stopwatch mode.

As it’s equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, this watch can connect to your smartphone simply and conveniently.

Using an internet time-server, your watch will provide accurate timekeeping regardless of where you are.

G-Shock strives for toughness and they deliver.

g-shock second solar watch side view

This watch strives is toughness. New layer guard structure; tough solar, shock resistance all ensure the longevity of the watch.

This watch will be what you need it. With a 200-meter water resistance, the watch is perfect for suitable for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, all save for diving.

The G-Shock series is designed to be the tool that you need when you need it.

The battery continues operating for as long as you need it to thanks to the solar panels around the dial.

It employs a power saving technology where the hands stop to save power when left in the dark.

Skagen Signatur

skagen signatur mens solar watch Skagen Signatur solar blue leather watch for men is a beautiful addition to any collection.

Some people aren’t shopping for a high-end formal watch but instead something fun and informal.

This watch allows a bit of fun within your outfit whether it’s a casual event or something a bit more business orientated.

Whatever the occasion, the Signatur is a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

The colours and brushed metal look makes this watch stand out amongst the others.

This watch is a perfectly simple watch but not in any way boring.

The deep blue 20mm wide leather straps complement the creative and minimalistic dial.

The watch face has a circular background accented with bright yellow. This colourful analog watch is a perfect accessory for relaxed or formal attire.

It’s subtle enough to allow for the colours to not overwhelm the overall design.

signatur solar watch side view

Combined with the style, this Skagen watch includes linear and dot indexes, the current date, three hands solar movement.

For additional comfort and customization, the watch comes with a quick release pin for interchangeable straps.

Then with a solar cell underneath the dial, ensures that the battery will continually charge.

This watch combines charm and performance with a high leaning towards casual and versatile class.

Seiko’s Flat and Light Solar Powered Watch

seiko flat and light mens solar watch

Here is a Seiko sophisticated, flat lightweight solar-powered watch

If you require a minimalist and classic watch, look no further than this elegant Seiko solar watch.

With that in mind, this watch complements a professional yet relaxed attire.

A warm colour palette makes it a classic design perfect for both casual and business styles.

Brown leather straps and a traditional watch face add to its timeless charm and charming craftsmanship.

The crocodile leather finish on the band creates a textured appeal.

This Analogue clock features a 38mm stainless steel case, solar powered battery and water-resistant technology.

The solar cells, unlike other watch designs, is not overtly seen. This leads to the minimalistic style.

The solar cell hidden underneath the dial provides steady and continual energy.

flat-light solar watch side view

If it regularly gets exposure to a light source, your watch will continue to operate reliably.

Additionally, this is a durable watch. Hardlex is a patented material that Seiko uses for their watches which makes the dial shatter resistant.

Although it may not have the features of an athletic watch such as the G-Shock or Tissot watches but this Seiko watch is minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing and durable.

It’s flat, light, and durable. This means that it’s perfect as a daily wear casual watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

citizen eco-drive mens solar watch

This is Citizen’s Eco-Drive stainless steel solar atomic watch.

Citizen has crafted a watch that’s both simple, yet functional and technically advanced.

Using eco drive technology, citizen has answered the concerns of environmental responsibility without compromising quality or style.

Eco-Drive technology is powered by light. It steadily continues operating without ever needing a battery.

As well, this watch features water resistant to 30 metres.

Solar powered watches are powered by built in solar panels ensuring consistent power.

While exposed to the light, this citizen watch will gather energy and store it in the batteries for use when there isn’t an available light source.

It’s an efficient method as the batteries will power your watch even when there is no light.

Sunlight is of course preferable, but sunlight is not the only light source that can charge the solar panels.

Other sources of light do charge the cells but at a different rate.

eco-drive solar watch side view

This watch features a simple but formal and sophisticated look and works as a functional model without excessive additions.

With a stainless-steel band that blends into the stainless-steel case, the black dial contrasts the rest of the design.

The front of the watch is a sophisticated black and numberless with silver indexes and hands furthering the design.

A date counter adds a dial at the 3 o’clock position without creating a hectic look.

Citizen Axiom

citizen axiom mens solar watch

This is Citizen’s Axiom Analog Display Japanese Quartz Gold Men’s Watch.

This is a gorgeous combination of casual and formal within a single watch.

Simplistic doesn’t have to be dull. Nor does classy have to be extravagant.

Citizen has continued to make crafted works that walk the fine line of style.

Time and time again they pull through with delicate precision. Axiom is no different.

Axiom is a consistent gold-toned stainless steel save for the dial face, which is a deep black.

Together they make a sharp contrast without being eccentric. Within the face of the watch, all the details are gold which stands out elegantly against the black background.

Together the colours make a sharp contrast without being excessive in it’s detailing.

There aren’t many aspects featured on the face of the watch itself save for the logos, hands and the date.

It remains a minimalistic piece without forfeiting class and elegance for any occasion, day or night.

axiom second solar watch side view

The combination of simplicity and elegance isn’t the only thing this watch has to offer. Durability is another.

This watch features a water resistance of up to 30 meters (99 feet), the dial is protected by a mineral crystal.

The Eco-drive technology ensures that the watch continues to be powered consistently and steadily.

This technology employs solar panels within the dial of the watch itself to store energy. This means batteries are a thing of the past as are replacing them.

Casio G-Steel

casio g-steel mens solar watch

Here is the Casio’s G-Steel multiband sports solar-powered men’s watch.

Coming from the g-steel series, this Casio G-Shock watch is a high-performance and technologically advanced model.

If you want modern features combined with an athletic yet stylish design, this is an ideal model.

Features include multi-band 6 radio controlled atomic timekeeping, led light, waterproofing, and shock resistance.

The radio-controlled atomic timekeeping ensures the reliability and accuracy of your timepiece.

With a 20-bar waterproofing, this means it’s waterproofing is good for up to 200 meters or professional underwater activity and serious surface water sports, all up to diving.

Shock resistance allows this watch to be very durable. High vibration activities such as a reciprocating saw, or gun recoils doesn’t affect it.

Beyond durability, this model boosts comfortability, with a stainless-steel band that’s easily adjusted using a push pin.

This watch employs a powerful and bold design that promises masculine performance and solar power.

g-steel second solar watch side view

Surrounded by a silver case and band, the black dial provides a masculine stylish contrast.

Within the dial, the raised indexes combine with the black background with backlit LCD screens making the indexes pop.

The gorgeous colour combination of the dial includes silver and white indexes, with red detailing surrounding the dials and subdials.

The design of this watch is versatile for both athletic and formal.

Casio Pathfinder

casio pathfinder mens solar watch

This is the Casio Pathfinder durable solar powered digital watch

The high performance is thanks to the consultation with meteorologists on how to best face challenging environments.

This Pathfinder watch will continue to work consistently and reliably in some harsher settings.

It features all triple sensor Pro Trek models. This watch provides easy-one-touch operation of its Altimeter/Barometer, Compass and Thermometer.

As we mentioned before, this watch will work in harsher settings. With 200 meters of water resistance to defend against water from rafting, swimming, snorkel, rainstorm hiking.

This watch will be with you as a tool during your entire adventure.

It provides a range of data for your needs including tide data, moon graphs, trend graph data, barometric pressure patterns.

pathfinder second solar watch side view

With the solar-powered batteries, this watch gives you a renewable and convenient power source. Without using batteries that die, you don’t need to replace them.

This can be frustrating. if you forget about your watch’s battery. Your watch stops working therefore and at the most inconvenient of times.

A black resin band provides comfort and durability.

It’s a stylish and sporty design perfect for the man on the go.

The neutral face is a versatile and athletic style. Its jam packed with features to help the toughest of activities.

Some have reported this watch’s strap to be a bit uncomfortable. This problem is usually caused by improperly adjusting your watch – make sure you know how to fit a watch before you put one on!

Casio Edifice

casio edifice mens solar watch

This is Casio Edifice mobile link connected analog display quartz silver watch

This sleek design creates a beautiful complement to style and functionality.

Silver stainless steel band and case provide a rather elegant look compared to other sporty watches.

The red accenting details provide an added visual interest. The design itself is bold but different from other edifice models as its thinner making it more comfortable and convenient.

For the man on the go, there is a speed indicator at 4 o’clock.

Solar power ensures that your watch continues to work as you need it by charging and storing energy within the batteries.

This is a watch for the person who needs several tools in one place.

This Casio Edifice is supplied with bluetooth connectivity which means not only is the timekeeping constantly and consistently correct but it connects your watch to an app on your phone.

Through this app, you can remotely adjust on hand positions, alarm times, world time dial, ping to find your phone, among so many others.

edifice second solar watch side view

This functional watch features thermometer, shock resistance, mineral glass.

Within the dial face, there is a subdial at 7 o’clock that provides the current time in a secondary location anywhere in the world from 31 time zones.

1/100 second stopwatch to 23:59’59, alternative modes for time measurement (split time, elapsed time), neo-brite luminous hands and indices, el backlight with afterglow effect, and water resistance (200 meters).

Choosing the Best Solar Powered Watch for You

It can be difficult to choose the right watch for you, especially with all of the different options out there.

This part of the guide is designed to help you make the right choice.

What is a Solar Powered Watch?

casio edifice mens solar watch header right Solar powered watches otherwise known as solar atomic watch are not much different from your typical watch.

Both types give timekeeping as well as additional features depending on the model.

They both have a range of styles from highly formal to highly casual to highly athletic.

As well they come with different designs, colours, detailing and accessories.

The main difference is that their power source is the sun.

How do Solar Watches Work?

Solar powered watches are powered by built-in solar panels.

Usually, these are around or on the dial to maximize the incoming light.

These solar panel cells will convert light into energy to store within the battery.

how do solar watches work

It’s an efficient method as the batteries will power your watch even when there is no available light.

This means that your watch is constantly operating regardless of where it is. Even if it’s in a bag, or hidden behind clothing, it will still operate properly.

Additionally, sunlight is not the only light source that can charge the solar panels. It is preferable but other light sources will charge it but at a different rate.

Solar Watches are Environmentally Friendly

There is also an environmental benefit to having a watch powered by solar energy.

This kind of energy is a renewable source of energy – in other words, it doesn’t run out.

Due to the technology of solar energy, there isn’t waste as there would be with other kinds of power (i.e. batteries).

solar watches are environmentally friendly

Compared to typical watches that use batteries, these watches are a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Believe it or not, millions of batteries are recycled each year but unfortunately, not all of them are.

The ones that are disposed of into landfills leach chemicals into the surrounding area.

These contain materials that are toxic to the environment such as mercury, lithium or cadmium.

Improper disposal of waste batteries leads to pollution of various ecosystems as well as water pollution.

Benefits of a Solar Watch

The list of benefits is not only about saving the planet, it’s also about saving time and money.

With a solar watch, you’ll never have to worry about replacing the battery.

Typically, once your watch battery is depleted, you would buy a new one to replace it or take it into a jeweller or watch repair shop.

There aren’t batteries to replace which means there aren’t batteries to buy or to pay for.

This would save you money and time in the long run as this is a step taken away from the very start.

You don’t have to worry about the watch’s battery stopping.

If you forget about your watch’s battery, it can be frustrating since it usually stops at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s as simple as putting on your watch and starting your day.

Buying a solar watch already gives you the convenience of a renewable and convenient power source.

Affordable Solar Watches

What to Look for in a Solar Watch

But choosing the watch is another step. What are you going to be looking for in a solar watch?

Style and function are the main things to look for.

You need a watch that looks great and works great.

Both of those things are subjected to you as a person for what you’re looking for.

solar watch wearing example

Solar watches, like most accessories, are designed for a range of people, and a range of needs.

There are both formal and casual watches. There are both slim and athletic watches. Regardless of your requirements, solar watches are available.

Whether you are backpacking across the Canadian Rockies or presenting to a boardroom, there is a watch for you.

Style is something that’s individualistic, subjective even.

You want something that matches your fashion sense and what you’re going to be wearing along with the watch.

Stylishness isn’t one thing, it’s a combination of details that make up something wholly individual – something that’s entirely you.

Those small details are important and picking the right watch is no different.

A watch is a functional accessory that adds to your overall appearance by adding a subtle sophistication.

Choosing a Solar Watch that Matches Your Style

The watch you choose needs to be one that matches your style.

For example, the man who wears a business suit every day needs a watch that adds to it and heightens the elegance.

The Men’s Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch by Citizen from our compiled list is a perfect example as it’s a gorgeous stylish watch.

Its design is minimalist, formal and simple to match with any business suit.

solar watch wearing swag

Then the working man who wears business casual every day doesn’t need a watch that’s of that same formality.

A simple, timeless model would do perfectly. The Signatur Watch by Skagen would be the perfect addition to business casual attire.

Its design is minimalist but stands out with the gorgeous blue, silver and yellow colour scheme.

This stylish watch can be matched with a relaxed business suit or even informal jeans and polo.


Function is what you want the watch to do. A watch isn’t just used for the aesthetic, it’s a tool.

Depending on what you need from your watch will determine the kind of watch you’ll get.

Formal watches have basic functionality and are more centred around style.

Whereas athletic watches are more centred around durability.

Athletic watches have more flexibility, durability, ease of access, and controls for on the go.

There are watches with several kinds of additional features:

waterproofing, smartphone connection, Bluetooth technology, atomic timekeeping, world times, shock resistance, perpetual calendar, compass, thermometer, among so many more.

Casio’s “Pathfinder” Watch contains several features for the man that’s active and requires a tool more than an accessory.

The athletic look doesn’t quite lend itself to match with a suit but works perfectly with gym shorts and sweat.

However, there is a compromise for function and style. Casio’s Edifice Watch is a perfect blend of the two.

This sleek yet sporty design is perfect for anyone that needs the functions listed but wants to remain stylish.