The Best Invicta Watches of 2019 (Stylish)

Invicta has been crafting high-quality, good looking watches since its founding more than 100 years ago.

Invicta – Latin for invincible – crafts eye catching watches that will elevate your style and take your look to the next level.

The best part?

Despite their superb quality, they won’t break the bank.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of our favorite models to help you choose the best Invicta watch for your wardrobe.

3 Best Invicta Watches at a Glance

Image Watch Rating More
best invicta watch Invicta Pro Diver Collection Model 8928 5/5 View
fancy invicta watch Invicta Pro Diver Japanese Model 892OB 4.5/5 View
Invicta AVIATOR 18k Gold Ion-Plated Watch Invicta AVIATOR 18k Gold Ion-Plated Watch 5/5 View

The model 8928 is a member of Invicta’s Pro Driver collection, known for its quality craftsmanship among the watch community.

Thanks to this watch’s two-toned coloring, it really stands out and makes its presence known, without being too cocky about it.

The watch band is made with gold and silver stainless steel, while the bezel itself is a bright navy color. Likewise, this watch’s dial also features a beautiful, navy hue that exudes a feeling of royalty.

Unfortunately, the watch requires regular winding, which isn’t very convenient. If you aren’t the kind of person who likes to manually wind your watch every so often, I’d stay away from this model.

Nevertheless, with this watch on your wrist, you’re going to feel like a king.

Looks aside, this watch really stands out in terms of its functionality as well. The dial has a few additional sub dials that conveniently display the current date.

Moreover, the face of the watch is protected by a strong mineral material which protects against wear and tear.

Innovative and stylish, this Invicta watch provides a gorgeous addition to any collection of men’s accessories. With a gold tone stainless steel and a matching case, this monotone watch has a sleek and subtle design.

Within the black unidirectional bezel, the black dial face is gorgeously subtle with golden indexes, hands and sub dials.

Although the style is rather simple and unobtrusive, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver in function and information. Those attributes are what sets this watch aside from the others.

This watch would have been that much better if it had a date and time feature, but you can’t have everything.

To be fair, it looks like the watch has a minimalistic design, so it may have ended up crowding the watch face too much.

In addition, the watch is waterproof up to 200 meters, so you can comfortably take it in the pool with you if you so choose.

Within the dial itself there is a wealth of information provided, that’s more than your average analog wrist watch such as the magnified date display at 3 o’clock position.

Better still, Ion plating ensures that the durability of your watch and the protection of its longevity. This is especially important, as you want a quality watch like this one to last a long time.

The model 17205 is an accessory that will stand out among the rest of the watches in your personal watch collection.

This model is creative and beautifully unique with the combination of complementing red, black and gold hues.

Its practical features and good-looking design set it apart from other watches in its weight class.

For example, crystal type-flame fusion with 18k gold ion-plating and synthetic-sapphire dial window ensure an amazingly durable watch resistant to scratches and scrapes, far beyond average daily wear and tear.

The dial window itself is somewhat jam-packed, yet still organized (once you get used to it). It features various sub-dials, including a 60-second, 60-minute, and 1/10-second dial.

This watch’s Japanese quartz movement with an analog display, fold-over clasp closure, and a date window all add to its sophisticated appearance. Among the aviator collection from Invicta, this watch is designed with versatility, style, and comfort in mind.

I would’ve really liked to see a backlight feature on this watch – the fact that it doesn’t have one is a pretty big drawback for me.

If that’s something that’s also important to you, keep reading.

On the other hand, if you’re not too concerned about a backlit watch, then this is a great choice overall, especially considering its amazing design.

Stainless steel is a very popular material within the watch community, and for good reason.

This stainless steel model contains multiple sub dials displaying a wealth of information, including three sub dials with 60-second, 60-minute, and 24-hour functions.

Although mostly silver, this stainless steel watch has a black accent around silver tone bezel around the face to make the dial itself stand out even more.

It’s important to note that this watch has a rather large watch face, definitely larger than average.

If you don’t have big enough wrists for this watch, it may look a bit funny on you. This watch is best suited for those with slightly larger arms/wrists.

Size aside, this watch’s modern visual appeal combined with its unique functionality make it unique – it’s a great way to display your personal taste and style.

Far from your typical wristwatch, this grey stainless steel model is beautifully complemented by a pop of color from the red hands and white indexes, numbers and sub dials.

Stainless steel provides a very modern and innovative feel that’s popular among watch collectors. That is specifically the style of the watch – complex in its innovation yet classic in its design.

This watch is ideal for the man on the go who wants to exude a confident, collected look to those around him.

Although this watch has a lot of awesome features – all of which I’m a big fan of – some may feel the watch face is a bit crowded.

If you prefer minimalistic, clean designs, you may want to look elsewhere.

Conversely, this watch is perfect for those who want a more sophisticated looking watch face, packed full of added features (such as the chronograph).

It’s important to note that some have reported this watch’s band to be a bit uncomfortable.

However, this problem is usually caused by wearing the watch too tight around your wrist. Make sure you know how tight a watch should be before you buy one!

Introduction to Invicta

Invicta watch example

Invicta is a Swiss watch brand dedicated to creating high quality watches with superior craftsmanship, continuing innovation, and amazing value.

According to their website, their mission statement describes their dedication to quality timepieces at a decent price:

“May all those who possess our timepieces and pass through our doors experience the quality, value and care in every piece we create as well as the spirit of never-ending possibilities in everything we do”.

As a brand, Invicta has been expanding in both quality, innovation and customers steadily over the years. According to Invicta:

“over half of Invicta consumers own 10 or more Invicta’s while we gain over 100,000 new such collectors annually."

With over 30 collections including Marvel, Invicta Cruise, Pro Diver, Reserve, and Russian Diver (just to name a few), this brand has over 1000 models.

It’s not a surprise that they continually attract customers. They boast a wide variety of models in terms of aesthetics, and functions, for any price point. Without a doubt, they deliver.

However, with hundreds of models under the Invicta name, it’s hard to choose a perfect watch.

That’s where the buyer’s guide comes in to play – we’re going to highlight the features to look for in your next Invicta watch.


To start, style encompasses the design of the watch, its visual appeal.

A watch allows the wearer to make a statement to the world around them using the watches’ aesthetics which include the colors, materials, craftsmanship, shape and so much more.

In general, there are three kinds of aesthetics when it comes to watches:

Formal, casual and athletic.

watch wearing example

Regardless of the set categories, many watches fall into multiple, or are a blend of them.

As Invicta has beyond 30 collections with more than 1000 watches, there’s bound to be a great watch for your aesthetic.

In an interview with Time Zone, Eyal Lalo, President of Invicta Watch Company is a third generation watchmaker explained that their watches are high quality for a low price.

Eyal explains that there’s a bit of a contrast online within the watch collector’s community:

“Some people just cannot swallow the fact that you can buy a good product from us at such a low price. And consider the watch a collection piece or a piece that they can admire and that they can keep, and can take care of, and that they can clean. It's not a throw away watch. Something that will last them a long time, probably as much as the other higher end brands,”

Eyal continues,

“On the other side of the coin, there are people out there complaining about there being some very expensive watches out there. It's just a question of name and fashion and that's it.”

Water Resistance

Water resistance is the ability of the watch to withstand water, from a quick splash to recreational swimming all the way to professional deep water diving.

Depending on your requirements for the watch’s performances, it may be a vital thing to consider before you buy a watch.

Watches will typically be designed to withstand the everyday exposure to water such as hand washing, sweat, rain, and splashes.

However, anything more such as bathing, or diving requires a higher degree of water resistance.

This watch waterproofing diagram does a great job of illustrating what you can and can’t do with your watch (depending on its level of waterproofing):

watch waterproofing chart

At the lower end, watches will withstand water and moisture from accidental splashes but unfortunately, not much else.

A water resistance of 30 Meters (100 Ft or 3 ATM) will withstand water from everyday use such as accidental splashes, hand washing, and the weather, but won’t be able to withstand deeper water.

If you want to take your watch swimming or even further, diving, you’ll need a watch that is waterproof to 100 meters or more.

Watch Size

This one – although incredibly important – is often overlooked. The size of your wristwatch is going to affect not only how well it fits your wrist, but how it looks as well.

You should consider:

  • Case diameter
  • Case thickness
  • Band width

Measuring your wrist is all it takes to ensure you’re buying a watch of the proper size.

Case diameter will usually range between 45 mm at its largest to 38 mm at its smallest. Wrists that are 6 to 7 inches fit 38 mm to 42 mm watches the best, while 7.5 to 8-inch wrists fit cases that are larger such as 44 mm to 46 mm the best.

The smaller a watch looks the more it leans towards subtle jewelry. On the other hand, the larger a watch is, the more it seems to be flashy.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a watch that’s far too small or too large for your wrist – either way, it will look a bit goofy. You need to find one that compliments your wrist well.

It should be large enough for people to know it’s there, without demanding too much attention.


Invicta is known and loved for their high-quality materials normally only found in top-tier watches.

According to Invicta’s description of their brand:

“From skeletonized movements to a unique gold layering technique to exceptional construction, Invicta has become one of the most technically capable watchmakers in the world.”

Stainless steel is currently one of the most popular materials within the watch collector community and is used in the majority of both cases and straps.

As a metal, stainless steel itself is very durable and hypoallergenic which allows it to withstand daily wear and tear quite well.

There are different materials used for the watch face itself, which are (hopefully) meant to withstand scratches.

The three main types of crystals typically used in the covering of the watch dial are acrylic, mineral, and sapphire.

Acrylic crystal is an inexpensive plastic material allowing small scratches to be easily buffed out.

The next is mineral, containing several elements heat treated to allow a hardness capable of withstanding scratches and other forms of damage.

The last and most expensive (and durable) is sapphire, which is nearly 20 times harder than acrylic crystals and three times harder than mineral crystals.