The Best Citizen Watches of 2019 (Classy)

Citizen Black Watch

Citizen is an innovative brand in the watch industry as they provide continued distinction, inspiration, admiration, and above all, amazing craftsmanship. Citizen is a brand that prides itself on quality and longevity.

With a watch that will last you decades to come, it’s important that you find one that’s perfect for you.

Zoom in: 3 Best Citizen Watches

Image Watch Rating More
best citizen watch Model BL5403-03X 5/5 View
professional citizen watch Model BM6555-54E 4.5/5 View
awesome citizen watch Model AT2400-05A 5/5 View

Rose gold accents, tile patterned bezel, a crocodile embossed leather band, contrast stitching, and a beautifully balanced but busy dial face are all features of the design of this watch.

With a round rose gold dial, this watch is ideal for the wearer that needs a watch with a gorgeous look but a greater emphasis on function.

Although visually appealing, style is not the main purpose of this model. This citizen watch is a beautiful watch that prides itself on functionality.

This watch uses Citizen’s Eco Drive technology, which uses the sun to charge the battery. It’s essentially a solar powered watch

Citizen Rose Gold Watch

This chronograph watch display has several sub dials supplying an incredible amount of information including both 12- and 24-hour time, an alarm, perpetual calendar and 1/20 second time.

Adding further durability, this watch’s display is made with mineral crystal to resist scratches during day to day wear.

This watch supplies water resistance up to 100 meters or 330 feet, which is ideal for recreational swimming and shallow snorkeling but not scuba diving or deep diving.

This square faced watch is a subtle, sophisticated watch. Perfectly described as “Powerful yet understated” by Amazon, this watch supplies a perfect watch for formal or business events.

Combining the elegance of monochrome black stainless steel with the ease of an Eco Drive operated battery, this watch is ideal to pair with a stylish suit to radiate formality and professionalism.

With mineral crystal protecting the dial itself and ion-plated stainless-steel construction, this watch has added durability to resist scratches from regular wear and tear.

Within the dial, this watch features a date window at the three o’clock position, a date calendar, and a simple uncluttered watch face that lends itself perfectly to a formal setting.

Citizen Business Watch

Added features include a deployment clasp with a push button, solar powered Eco Drive technology, and a stationary bezel function.

Additionally, this model is resistant to water up to 30 meters or 99 feet which is ideal for general splashes and sweat but not for prolonged periods of submersion.

With a massive range of styles and aesthetics within one brand, Citizen provides superb selection for their customers. This particular model is a combination of formality and functionality.

The straightforward design consists of a white dial contrasting with the sleek black of the hands, logo, and indexes. The Polyurethane band provides a texturized, comfortable, and noise absorbing band.

Making this watch unique is its functionality beyond its visual aesthetic. Durability is an important aspect of a watch’s longevity.

Citizen Contrast Watch

Made of sapphire crystal, the watch face is protected against scratches and wear, and this anti-reflective material prevents harsh glares.

Sapphire crystal is one of the most high-quality materials for a window as it’s more durable than both mineral and acrylic crystals.

Set in a stainless-steel case, and paired with a stationary bezel with a white dial, this watch is gorgeously classy and practical.

With a water resistance of 100 meters or 330 feet, this watch allows for both recreational swimming or shallow snorkeling but unfortunately not deep diving or professional marine activities.

Straightaway, this is a beautifully simple watch. In this case, though, simple doesn’t mean bland or boring.

This watch is a beautifully simple watch, ideal for casual attire. With an analog display, this is the traditional and original display of the watch.

It provides a classic look that channels a simpler time before the digital age where screens were everywhere one looked.

Citizen Casual Watch

That is specifically the style of the watch; simple nostalgia. This watch is perfect for the collector needing a casual watch to wear for casual outings.

What makes this watch unique is its simple style and features. Beyond simply telling the time, this watch is rather simple, which is perfect for a casual watch.

As far as additional durability, this watch has its display protected by a mineral window to resist scratches during daily wear.

This model provides water resistance up to 50 meters or 165 feet, which makes it ideal for recreational swimming but not deep-water diving or professional marine activities.

Citizen has an amazing range of watch styles from formal to casual to athletic. This model is a perfect example of function and style combined within one watch.

Set in a stainless-steel case, and paired with a stationary bezel plated in black aluminum, encasing a tan dial, this watch is beautifully stylish and functional. The hickory brown leather strap provides a texturized and comfortable band.

What makes this watch unique is its functionality. Much more than a simple time piece, this watch provides several additional functions that enhance the accessory’s practicality.

Within its dial, there are multiple sub dials that include a wealth of information: 12-hour time, 24-hour time, the date, and a 1/5-second chronograph measuring up to 60 minutes.

Citizen Athletic Watch

With a water resistance of 333 feet, this addition allows for a watch suitable for both recreational swimming and shallow snorkeling but not deep-water diving or professional marine activities.

Together with the style, this watch is ideal for the man on the go that needs information at a glance.

Buyer’s Guide: Citizen Watches

Citizen watches are high quality and fairly priced. You could say the same about Invicta watches, which we also have an awesome guide about!

Citizen is celebrating a century of superior watchmaking history. Their message is “better starts now”, which is a message that advocates for accomplishing goals that better the lives of people as individuals and as a society.

As a brand, Citizen explains that everyone including themselves bears the responsibility to bring about a positive change in the world by creating a meaningful impact on the environment.

And that’s exactly what they do. Eco Drive is one of the aspects of Citizen that makes its brand so unique.

Although Eco Drive uses a battery, it’s not your average battery. It’s a rechargeable battery that self-charges without any fuss from the wearer.

Although similar to automatic watches that power themselves from the kinetic energy of the wearer, Eco Drive needs something simpler to continue operating: light. Citizen’s Eco Drive is a solar powered battery that relies on energy from light.

Citizen Eco Drive Watch

This doesn’t limit its wearability though. Even in places that don’t receive a lot of light, such as the Arctic, or if your schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of time in sunshine, this watch will still operate as it should.

A single battery lasts decades, plus it is still capable of gaining energy from sources other than direct sunlight.

Although it garners energy from solar power, it’s more than a solar-powered innovation. This is an initiative to create responsible and renewable watches.

Citizen watches are beautifully crafted, each and every one. However, each model is unique and it’s vital that you find one that works for you.

There are quite a few things that go into choosing the perfect watch: style, function, mechanics, and size.


To start, a watch’s style is more than its aesthetic. The style is what you portray when you wear it; it is the statement you want to make to the world around you.

Watches come in a range of aesthetics, colors, and designs to give each watch a unique look. There are typically three kinds of aesthetics when it comes to watches: formal, casual, and athletic.

Although there are three set categories, many watches fall into multiple categories or are a blend of them.

For example, Citizen Model CA0649-06X, mentioned above, is ideal for the athletic business man on the go due to its additional functions, gorgeous aesthetic, and additional durability.

On the other hand, Citizen model AT2400-05A is a perfect combination of formal and casual as it has a minimal yet elegant design that allows it to match with formal wear, business suits, or casual attire seamlessly.

Citizen Watch on Wrist

In the most modest terms, a watch is simply a tool to tell the time. A beautifully intricate tool but simple nonetheless.

However, with increases in the innovation of the watch, this tool becomes more than a simple timepiece.

There are countless additional features that make your watch more practical and your life more convenient.

Citizen Model BL5403-03X is a perfect example of a beautiful watch with all sorts of bells and whistles. Its displays include both 12- and 24-hour time, an alarm, a perpetual calendar, and 1/20 second time.

Movement Type

Another area in which watches differ is their movement, which is how the watch ticks.

This is the most meticulous and intricate aspect of the watch, with watchmakers carefully crafting the mechanism to ensure superior operation.

There are three main types of movements, which are also known as calibers within the watch industry – each with their own benefits.

Quartz is a watch movement caused by a battery.

Mechanical movement provides a traditional and near historical style watch as they are powered by gears instead of electricity.

Watch Movement

Automatic watches are like mechanical watches, but they use kinetic energy from the wearer’s natural movements to wind the mechanisms within the watch.

In a quartz watch, the power comes from the battery itself which requires only maintenance from the wearer. In a mechanical watch, it requires manual winding to power the watch’s gears.

Where mechanical and quartz differ in terms of watch operation is of course how they are powered but also in the motion of the second hand.

A mechanical watch’s second hand will have a sweeping motion while a quartz watch will have the second hand move in individual ticks.

It’s also important to note that a higher quality movement will probably last longer than a cheap movement type. If you want to know more about why watches stop working, check out our article!

Watch Size

Something that the new collector wouldn’t necessarily think about is the size of the watch. This means ensuring the right fit for your wrist, as well as knowing how the watch will sit upon your wrist.

The watch case diameter, case thickness, and band width all contribute to how large or how small the watch will appear while you wear it.

Those with small wrists need to be aware of how a large watch will appear. The larger a watch looks, the more it tends to be for showy or flashy attire.

On the other hand, those with large wrists need to be aware of how a small watch will appear. The smaller a watch looks while wearing it, the more it leans towards a style of subtle jewelry.

The best way to ensure that you get a perfect fit for the perfect watch is simply to measure your wrist.

Watch Sizing Guide

Case diameter will usually range between 38 mm to 45 mm at its largest. Wrists that are 6 to 7 inches fit 38 mm to 42 mm watches the best, while 7.5 to 8-inch wrists fit cases that are larger such as 44 mm to 46 mm the best.