The Best Automatic Watches of 2019 (Stylish)

Automatic Watches, also known as self-winding watches, are a convenient twist on a timeless standard.

More than just your standard mechanical watch, they offer convenience with the same style as a mechanical watch.

They’re a wonderful accessory in any man’s wardrobe – with that being said, here is a list of the best automatic watches around.

Zoom in: 3 Best Automatic Watches

Image Watch Rating More
best automatic watch Frederique Constant Genève 5/5 View
fancy automatic watch Xezo Incognito 4.5/5 View
awesome automatic watch Laco 861688 5/5 View

1. Frederique Constant Genève Classic Automatic Watch

Frederique Constant Watch

Frederique Constant creates superb watches. With attention to details and a passion for design, their craftsmanship creates striking watches.

As a brand, they are dedicated to continuing to offer innovation while keeping with the traditions that watch aficionados have grown to expect. Each watch is classical, while remaining relevant throughout the ages.

In particular, this model of Frederique Constant is a testament to their combination of classic and creative. The style itself lends to a rather simple elegance without risking appearing dull.

The roman numerals bring forth a sense of sophistication while being a bold design aspect. It makes a statement.

The silver dial is decorated with the brands crest, highlighting the watch’s quality. Adding to its demeanor is the sleek black leather band that’s 100% authentic and genuine leather creating a watch that’s simply magnificent.

The watch face isn’t cluttered despite the large amount of information available. At the 6 o’clock position sits a date display to update you regularly.

It’s features include 60 meters (196 feet) water resistance, transparent case back. Scratch resistant convex sapphire, and stainless steel make up this watch and ensure durability.

Regardless of the collection, be it formal or casual, the Frederique constant’s Genève Classic watch is a gorgeous addition.

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2. Xezo’s Incognito 2024B

Xezo Incognito Watch

Handmade quality is what Xezo delivers. And they deliver it well.

Their products, namely their watches, are a blend of beauty, function and value. Combining superior materials and craftsmanship create a line of magnificent watches that don’t compromise.

Beyond the prestige of Xezo as a brand, this model is prestigious and unique as a limited-edition model. Only 500 Incognito 2024B were created and individually numbered to keep uniqueness.

This is an exquisite watch that stands out with its bold design, bolder numbers, and black enamel dial. Each odd number is replaced with a diamond making the dial stand out. An outline of silver only adds to the confidence of the overall style.

However, the design is functional as well as picturesque. Both the case and the band are made of stainless steel with a shined mirror finish.

Within the inside of the dial is an anti-reflecting coating, paired with a scratch proof curved sapphire crystal class. Together they create a durable combination.

Additional features include water resistance up to 100 meters, shock resistance, adjustable band, automatic self-winding movements. Swiss luminova material is applied to the hands, indexes and numerals for luminescence within the darker parts of your day.

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3. Laco 861688 Automatic Watch

Laco Watch

Since 1925, Laco has been creating “Timepieces with a distinct character”. As a brand, and as craftsmen, they want to stand out from the crowd for their distinct quality and appeal.

Continuing with the ageless style, because you can’t go wrong with something classic.

This model is a gorgeous and timeless design that provides a stylish casual watch. The round black dial features Arabic hour markers, and the Laco logo.

What draws the eye, however, is the sword shaped hands. Using this unique shape in the watch’s face ensures a kind of precision even with the fastest of glances.

The leather calfskin band is made of warm brown leather that contrasts with the pale stitching, metallic studs and buckle closure.

Some features include a durable 42 mm stainless steel case, Japanese automatic movement, analog display, and synthetic sapphire dial window.

A 50-meter water resistance allows this watch to be submerged for brief periods of swimming for recreation but not for snorkeling or diving.

Altogether this watch is beautifully constructed and is an impeccable accessory for casual day to day wear. This is the perfect accessory for the man that wants to wear a watch regularly without worrying about excessive formality, high fashion, or about the need to regularly wind the watch.

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4. A.B. Art’s OA104 Automatic Men’s Watch

A.B. Art Watch

Authentic and different watches is what A.B. Art is all about. A.B. art stands for authentic basic art, which is exactly what they provide.

This Swiss watch company prides itself on being able to give their customers something beyond mere glitz or glamour. Instead, they give their customers subtle but high-quality sophistication.

A.B. Art’s OA104 certainly delivers on subtle sophistication. The style is subtle without being overly simplistic. With silver numbers, indexes, hands, dates, and second hands, the dial itself is black creating a contrast.

The contrast between light and dark, black and silver continues to the contrast between the stainless steel 40.5 mm case and black leather strap.

This model is perfect for a businessman on the go as it is subtle enough to match with a range of business and casual suits and sophisticated enough to impress your peers.

This automatic movement watch may be minimal within its design but not in its functionality. There’s a high degree of durability as the dial is made of scratch resistance mineral crystal, and water resistance up to 30 meters.

Previous customers describe it as a ‘Outstanding Item’ and a ‘beautiful watch with a very reliable ETA movement’. Combining functionality with sophistication in a subtle package is exactly what this model offer.

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5. Feice’s FM121WSB1 Automatic Mechanical Watch

Feice Watch

Feice is a company based out of China providing an ever exploring and improving company determined to become the leaders of Chinese watches. Feice watches stand out among the rest with their distinct properties and superior quality.

All Feice’s watches are based upon the Bauhaus style which is based on popular minimalism with a focus on the function of the watch itself without the over indulgent extravagances.

Feice explains that, “Each single design reflects a certain function of the item without redundancy.” This model follows that minimalist and functional aesthetic.

Small printed numbers and text allow the dial to hold an immense amount of information without being overwhelming. Sub dials include a month display, 24-hour display, as well as a calendar showing the day and week. Using the golden ration, this watch is constructed for optimal visual effect and for readability.

It’s 42 mm dial has a domed mirror with a double coating process assisting in clarity, transparency, scratch resistance and durability.

The many features of this model include a 3ATM water resistance, automatic mechanical movement, as well as a power reserve up to 30 hours. This watch is perfect for those that want functionality in a subtle design.

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6. Seiko SRPB97 Automatic Wrist Watch

Seiko Watch

Seiko prides itself on creating watches for all occasions using their different lines. From formal watches to casual watches to athletic watches, this brand provides a huge range even within those categories.

This stunning watch is part of the latter group; athletic watches. Prospex is a line best suited for thrill seekers on their grand adventures.

Specifically, for divers, this watch provides greater reliability and safety to divers regardless of the purpose of the dive from recreational to professional. This watch is water resistant for up to 200 meters or 660 feet, making it ideal for divers.

Whether your dive takes you to a sunken ship, the coral reef, a school of fish, or simply a memorable vacation, this model is an ideal accessory. Functions include automatic movements, 42-hour power reserve, luminescent hands and markers, as well as a sturdy adjustable strap.

This athletic watch boasts functionality with the bright aesthetic of an athletic watch. The black and orange dial contains a one-way rotating elapsed timing bezel. In addition to the stainless-steel band, there is a replacement silicone band for increased comfortability.

Regardless of where your adventure takes you, this Seiko Prospex watch will be there for you.

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7. Bulova’s 97A136 automatic watch

Bulova Watch

Starting in 1875, Joseph Bulova built his brand on his steadfast ambition for perfection in all its forms. Efficiency precision, and quality craftsmanship create the foundation of Bulova. Over the decades, this company has pursued innovation and technology at every turn.

This classical timepiece is a beautiful style for any wardrobe both fashion and casual. Within the watch face, there is a transparent section showing the intricate clockwork beneath. It’s a way to highlight the intricate craftsmanship and nostalgia of mechanical watches.

The 41 mm case is made of mineral double curve crystal. Paired with a dark brown crocodile leather strap, this watch is a timeless and sophisticated time piece.

This magnificent watch stands out in more way than one as it’s functional as well as visually appealing. With water resistance up to 30 meters or 100 feet, this watch will withstand splashes or small submersions but won’t handle swimming or bathing.

Additional features include automatic self-wind movement, mineral crystal material, and Push button clasp. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative new technology, the company that Joseph Bulova started has stood the test of time, as have their automatic watches.

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8. Tissot’s Everytime Swissmatic watch

Tissot Watch

Tissot strives for excellence in each one of its watches. Since 1853, Tissot has been creating watches with an elevated degree of excellence and refinement. With such a subtle design, this watch is a perfect accessory for any casual or business casual attire.

This Swiss made watch is a beautiful watch with a very subtle and simple color scheme. Black alligator embossed calfskin leather strap contrasts with the silver stainless steel case. A skeleton case back shows the inner workings of the watch.

Gears, screws, and springs are visible highlighting the intricate craftsmanship of this model. It evokes a kind of stylish nostalgia with a kind of traditional class that will never go out of style.

With a round 316L stainless steel case, this watch includes a sub dial at the 3 O’ clock position showing the date. Besides the date, there aren’t numbers only baton indexes and hands indicating the time. Along with the main dial are a minute track around the edge.

Other functions include splash resistance, scratch resistant sapphire crystal window and a tang clasp. Using a rotor and your kinetic movement, this automatic watch powers itself while you wear it, allowing it to run throughout your day.

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9. Vostok Europe’s amphibian 420270

Vostok Watch

Vostok Europe is an impressive brand that’s known for going above and beyond the calling of an average watch. Their slogan is “For going to Extremes” and they mean extreme.

They have been named the official timekeeper of the Murmansk-Vladivostok race in 2005, the Greek Football Federation in 2010, and the Free-Diving World Championship in 2011. All of that proves the durability and reliability of their watches to go where the average watch simply can’t.

Functions include Automatic VOSTOK self-winding movement 2416B with 31 ruby jewels, anti-shock balance, luminous hands and markings. This Vostok watch has a power reserve of up to 31 hours, meaning that it can last 31 hours without requiring to be wound up either manually or by the rotor on the watch’s back.

Although it doesn’t require it, it can still be wound by hand if need be. As the official watch of the free diving world championship, this watch needs to endure depths of water. It certainly does and can resist water up to 200 meters which is perfect for diving.

Stylistically speaking, this is an athletic watch with the subtle style of a casual watch. It’s a perfect watch for those that want a functional accessory both in the water and out of it.

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10. Orient ‘Mako II’ self-winding watch

Orient Watch

Orient is an excellent watch manufacturing company with a simple dream of creating attainable, high quality watches with a style that will endure for decades to come. Each of their watches have craftsmanship founded in reliability precision and beauty.

Maki II is a beautifully sophisticated model combining a timeless appeal with one of innovation. It’s timeless in the sense that it’s an automatic mechanical watch. Yet, it’s innovative in the sense of its polished appearance and great functionality.

In terms of style, it’s a rather innovative and new age design like other modern watches powered by solar energy or batteries. The stainless steel of the band and the round case show off a very proper and polished aesthetic.

A dark blue fills the background of the 41.5 mm case showing off the indexes and Orient logo and well as the day and date calendar. This watch suits both a formal business watch and an athletic one.

This watch is innovative for more than its appearance. Up to 200 meters this watch is water-resistant allowing for Professional Marine Activity and Surface Water Sports. Additional features include Mineral crystal, 120-Click unidirectional bezel, Japanese-automatic Movement and a screw down crown.

Whether you’re swimming in the ocean or conducting a business meeting, this is the perfect tool to match your suit.

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Buyer’s Guide: Automatic Watches

Watches are an exquisite invention of gears, springs, and screws. Intricate to say the least, watches are skillfully planned and crafted, each with a plethora of interconnected components.

Although technology has enhanced the attention to detail, precision and engineering of watches, their designs haven’t been altered. Watches are timeless, and they say a lot about who you are as a man when you wear one.

In an interview with The New York Times, American singer-songwriter and watch collector and enthusiast John Mayer describes how it feels to be a part of the watch community

“The first thing you notice is, ‘Whoa, this thing is heavy.’ You’ve never felt weight shift like that on your wrist. It’s heavy in weight, but it’s also heavy in the sense that all these pieces are working together. It’s what I call the ‘density of design,’” Mayer explains.

There’s something timeless about a traditional watch, something beautiful and serene. It’s more than just about telling the time. It’s about the timeless sense of style emanating from one’s wrist.

Watches are much more than a statement piece – it’s the statement that your watch shares, what you want to show off to the world that words can’t explain.

Different watch styles say a lot about the wearer. Someone wearing a wooden watch probably has different taste than someone wearing an invicta watch, for example.

Mayer continues:

“It was not about whether I wear each and every one on stage, but it has an intention to it. It’s made to support an endeavor.”

Throughout history, mechanical watches were used before electricity, before batteries, before solar power. Although personal clockwork has been used for centuries, the watch industry still has a strong audience with several brands continuing to have a loyal following.

It doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Watches have not become obsolete or replaced by phones as some have theorized. Instead, they are continuing to be a prominent component of any confident and collected man’s outfit.

Manual vs. Automatic Watches

Mechanical watches require manual winding to operate.

Within a watch, there is a mainspring, which is the power source. Using the crown, the wearer would wind the watch to provide it with the power it needs.

The winding of the crown winds the mainspring loading it with potential energy.

After being wound, the watch’s gears use the tension of the mainspring to power the watch. It incrementally releases this stored-up energy to power the movements of the entire watch including the hand.

Automatic watches are powered by your kinetic energy. These use a weighted rotor on the back of the watch to power the mainspring. The benefit of this it that it winds itself using your movement.

With each movement of your wrist, the rotor spins on its axle and then winds the mainspring that powers your watch. Thus, you have a ticking and operational timepiece.

Although it is a self-winding watch, the rotor doesn’t completely eliminate the need for winding the watch. It’s a common misconception that automatic watches are completely automatic.

If the power reserves can get too low, the movement of the rotor will keep it running while it’s moving and maybe a bit afterwards but that’s when you run the extent of the power reserves.

The automatic watches are wound by your movement so if most of your day is spent at a desk for example, there may not be enough motion to activate the rotor.

Automatic watches can become unwound with a lack of movement or wear. In that case, you would wind it as you would a typical manual watch.

Winding an Automatic Watch

There are several ways to wind an automatic watch.

The first and most obvious one is the typical winding done by using the crown. As you would with a manual watch, you would wind it via the crown, turning it clockwise.

The second way is the highlight of the automatic watch, the rotor, which was mentioned before. This uses the kinetic energy from your wrist to wind the mainspring.

The third is for when it’s not on your wrist. For the times you aren’t wearing the watch but still want it to stay powered, there is a winder. A watch winder is a small and convenient device that copies the movements of your wrist, thus winding the watch.

This is extremely useful if you have several automatic watches within your collection. Using a watch winder would make sure that the watches you aren’t wearing continue to operate at optimal levels.

Watches without a battery have a power reserve, the time it takes for it to completely unwind. This reserve averages between 36 and 42 hours. However, each watch is unique in its craftsmanship and that also means its reserve power.

Both automatic and manual watches need to be wound or else they will stop operating.

A manual watch requires being wound on a regular basis to continue operating properly.

Winding intervals – the time between winding – will depend upon the watch itself. Many require daily winding, while some can last several days between windings.

An automatic watch, on the other hand, still needs to be wound but since it’s wound by your indirect movement, the intervals are not as regular.

This watch is self-winding in a way so it’s winding interval is affected by how much winding your movement allows.

Many watch enthusiasts simply get in the habit of winding their watches daily to ensure that their watches keep their power reserves up.

Some atch wearers are worried about over winding the watch and potentially ruining their gorgeous accessory.

That isn’t the case with automatic watches, as mechanisms within them will disengage when the mainspring is completely wound.