About Me

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My name is Tochi Duhu, and I am the owner of Swag Navigator.

Over the years, I have developed a love for watches, especially durable, stylish, heavy watches. The silver stainless steel watches have become my favorite and I love them because of the class they exude.

When I have one of them on, I feel confident and it naturally empowers within me a business-like, but stylish aura. For me, It’s a “Jekyll and Hyde” thing. It pulls the best out of me when I put one of them on.

What I Look for in a Watch

Among my favorites from my personal collection are the Citizen and G shock models.

First, from a visual perspective, I seek the presence of a luminous dial and date stamp in a watch. Usually, they also come with numerous other additional features, but these two are starters for me.

I appreciate name brand watches but will go for any watch with quality which may not be a recognizable brand.

When I use the term “Quality”, I mean this:

It has to be constructed in a durable manner, with great material fiber, in and out.

It can’t be something that would drop on the floor and break into a million pieces.

It has to be powered via Solar energy.

After all, we are in the 21st century, right?

I need to be able to see the time in the dark. Luminous dials are a must for me.

Above all, my ideal watch must be water resistant.

For me, these points above are the framework and foundation for a quality watch.

My Watches

In this section, I’d like to talk about the watches I own in my personal collection.

1. Citizen Skyhawk A-T Analog Quartz Bracelet Watch

This is a stainless-steel watch in the Red arrow Skyhawk series.

Watch 3

In my opinion, this is a master class of a watch which features a fold over clasps with push buttons.

Its bezel is fitted up with a black Tachymeter, and its hands are luminous.

This watch is water resistant to about 666 ft and its dial color is black with subdials and digital windows.

The case diameter is 46.7mm with a bracelet width of 23mm. Its case thickness is 16.7mm.

This watch reeks of the “successful” man and isn’t a something that would ever be out of style.

This timepiece is timeless and a must buy for any mature, futuristic, business-minded guy.

I say futuristic because this watch would still have the same impact 20 years from today.

It isn’t designed to be an “In vogue” piece of accessory. It was designed to last for generations.

I believe it’s safe to advocate that most Citizen Watches are perceived to be relics. Purchasing one is a great call.

2. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Atomic Watch

Second Watch

The next watch in my wardrobe is one of my favs in the citizen catalog; The Citizens men’s Eco-drive Navihawk atomic timekeeping watch.

This timepiece is similar to the Sky hawk in one major way. They both keep accurate time.

They also have other features that are common in Citizen watches and which make them one of the most sought-after watch types in the world.

This piece is sleek and could be worn with a leather strap, rubber strap or stainless-steel bracelet.

This is the great thing about this watch. You could match whatever you have on; no matter the occasion. You can wear it with any style you choose to portray. It is customizable.

For any watch lover, this has all the perfect features in a watch that you could ever want and find.

It has a radio signal auto-update system that works perfectly well. This is what I call 21st-century watch craftsmanship.

One of its features is a functional UTC time/conversion. This also adds to the beauty of the “watch face” as well.

For me, I have had mine for 5 years and have never had an issue with it. This leads me to the most important feature of this watch. It is dependable and reliable.

For men who are always looking to make a statement, this is the watch for you.

3. Citizen Men’s BZ1021-54L Eco-Drive Watch

First Watch

I also own a Citizen men’s BZ1021-54L Eco-drive watch. This watch could arguably be the most unique watch I have owned so far.

The reason? It is Bluetooth supported. That is pretty cool.

It comes in stainless steel band material with fold over clasps with push buttons. It also has a water-resistant depth of 100m.

However, for me, what caught my eye about this watch aside from the Bluetooth capability is the color of the dial.

It is blue and it is very eye-catching. If you decide to wear anything that has a streak of blue in it, then this watch would be a great fit for that outfit.

When I match this watch to any apparel with the color blue, it feels and looks good. I always get compliments on the whole set up.

Like all the timepieces I have mentioned so far, this one is also timeless. I definitely would recommend this to anyone.

It’s worth it.

4. Casio G Shock Digital GX56BB-1 (Black)

My watch collection can’t be complete if I don’t mention my Casio G Shock collection.

Many years ago, as a youngster, the “in thing” for everyone was the G-shock watch. This watch, I must admit, was my introduction to the world of, and love for watches.

Watch 4

We all admired the fact they were water resistant, sturdy and reliable.

We loved to get into the pool with them and still have it work after we got out! To me then, and now, as I reminisce, was the most fascinating thing about the G-Shock.

A year later, I have had one major requirement before the acquisition of any watch. It has to be water resistant as well. For me, this requirement is among the first three. It is major.

These reasons above contributed to my decision to acquire my latest G Shock watch, a black digital GX56BB-1.

Its water-resistant capacity is 200m. It is mud resistant; shock resistant, has great solar power, world time for 31 time zones with city code display and daylight saving on and off options.

Who wouldn’t desire a watch like that?

Among other great features to numerous to mention, I would have to add that this watch has a battery life of 11 months and accurate gauge of about 15 seconds per month, give or take.

It has a power saving function and its storage battery is Solar rechargeable.

Again, who wouldn’t want a timepiece like that?

The great thing about the G-Shock, especially this one, is that it could be worn with anything, to anywhere and for any reason, without looking out of place.

It represents itself in a sleek multi-purpose way. I would definitely recommend this watch, and any in the G Shock series to any one for purchase.

I definitely haven’t regretted my decision.